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EU-Exit-Party of Austria

About Austria´s EU-exit-party / “EU-Austrittspartei” / EUAUS):

The Republic of Austria should leave the EU as soon as possible, hopefully prior to the crash of the EURO-currency. Austria can no longer afford the huge EU-costs and liabilities any more. The Austrian taxpayers´ money should be spent in Austria and nowhere else. Austria´s EU-exit-party will run for the next EU-elections in Austria in May 2019.
   Austria´s EU-exit-party (EUAUS) was founded on the 15th of September 2011. It has been a legal entity since 7th of October 2011.
   Since the beginning, Mr. Robert Marschall has been the leader of the Austria´s EU-exit-party (EUAUS). He is an entrepreneur and a publisher of an internet-portal for Vienna named, which he owns exclusively. Previously he had worked ten years in the telecom-industry for Siemens, Ericsson and United Telecoms Austria (UTA).
   Austria´s EU-exit-party (EUAUS) participated in the last Austrian parliamentary election. Because of EUAUS´ very small budget and almost no media response the party could only run for the elections in one of the nine provinces of Austria, namely in the small province of Vorarlberg. This parliamentary-election served the purpose to improve the publicity of the party but it was impossible to win a mandate.

Program: Main points

Austria´s EU-exit-party (EUAUS) stands for a souvereign and independent state of Austria.
An independent Austria is not possible as long as Austria is part of the European Union. The EU is neither a democratic union nor are the “checks and balances” working at a satisfactory level. The EU is controlled by major banks and industries as well as by 15.000 lobbyists in Brussels . The people of the EU have almost no political power in the existing EU-System – a fact that will not change in the future. Therefore Austria should leave the EU-command as soon as possible.

Austria´s EU-exit-party (EUAUS) demands much more democracy.
Therefore Austria needs
* a fair election system, where each vote counts the same. 1% of the votes must be 1% of the mandates
* in order to have a balance to the political party-system in parliament more referendums for the big issues of the Austrian people
* a working separation of power / checks and balances
* to exit the EU, because the EU is not a democratic system but it is mainly driven and influenced by big banks and the big industry.

Austria´s EU-exit-party (EUAUS) wants peace.
Therefore Austria needs
* to maintain Austria´s political and military neutrality
* no foreign soldiers in Austria
* no Austrian soldiers abroad

Austria´s EU-exit-party (EUAUS) wants welfare in Austria.
Therefore we claim,
* that Austrian taxmoney should be spent in Austria and nowhere else.
* no more taxmoney for banks, but for poor people in Austria.
* immigration stop, because there are already 12% foreigners in Austria. The social peace in Austria cannot be maintained, if there are more foreigners coming to Austria.

The whole program of the EU-Austrittspartei you can find at

Austria´s EU-exit-party (EUAUS) runs for the EU-elections 2014.

Therefore we need
* 2600 supporters with Austrian citizenship, who sign an official declaration at their municipial office within only 4 weeks time between March 11th and April 11th 2014 at the official office hours
* more acitvists
* more donations in order to finance the election campaign.

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